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Empowering Your Business Digitally

We transform your business through full-stack development and SEO, ensuring maximum growth, and the automation of its repetitive or low value tasks.


Experience Rapid Digitalization

The Full-Stack Advantage with Node.js

We provide all-encompassing full-stack development, guaranteeing optimized, smooth solutions.

Effective Back-end Development with Node.js for High Efficiency

Proactive Maintenance: Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability

Advanced Front-End Techniques

Dynamic Tech Stack

Specialized knowledge in React frameworks

Specialising on React.js, we create interfaces that are responsive, user-friendly, and accessible, contributing to superior SEO visibility and UX.

Skillful Javascript Implementation

Typescript Proficiency

Boosting your SEO Rankings with Comprehensive Node.js Server Side Rendering Solutions.


A seamless, frustration-free User Experience and User Interface design.

Successful design-to-development

We define UI/UX designs adapted to the needs of the end users, refining them whenever needed to always adapt to the market.

Research and Analysis of competitors and user persona

Clear Information Architecture

Wireframing, Prototyping, and Testing

Our Range of Services

Development of your custom Software / web application

Let your business focus on valuable tasks to boost your revenue by automating repetitive and manual tasks through your custom software.


Dedicated website and software/ application upkeep services for optimal operational effectiveness, elevating your site's prominence for search engines, and ensuring your applications' high availability.


Effective SEO plans aimed at improving your website's visibility and driving higher traffic.

Cloud Services

Experience secure and expandable cloud-based solutions with Amazon Web Services, perfect for enhancing your business's efficiency. Boost your company's operational capacity with AWS's scalable cloud services.

Software quality

Comprehensive methodology of automated testing for consistent assurance of stability and development speed in solutions. This approach enhances solution reliability, boosts development velocity, and ultimately improves search engine visibility.

Agile and Lean Development

Leveraging Agile and Lean Manufacturing methodologies in our products creation pipelines enhances fluidity and efficiency. This agility is instrumental in achieving optimized workflows and superior product roadmap execution, which are fundamental for our competitiveness. This approach enables us to adapt to evolving market environments swiftly.

UX/UI Design

Crafting engaging user experiences to attract and maintain a customer base


Unparalleled copywriting solutions that articulate your brand narrative convincingly, enhancing the visibility in search results.


Consulting on full-stack development emphasizing Javascript, Node.js, React.js, and TypeScript for APIs (REST, JSON, GRAPHQL, Websocket...), Single Page Applications, and Continous Delivery Pipelines for software quality. Available for remote work or locally near Maastricht, Netherlands, or Paris, France.


Some of our realisations and collaborations


RV Marketplace as a web application

Consulting for Rapido, in partnership with Leb Communication concerning an online recreational vehicles marketplace with a back office for dealerships and individuals, as well as the publication of offers, offers filtering and a blog.

Built with Next.js, Strapi, API-Platform, MUI, Redux, Jotai, Storybook.


Vehicles marketplace as a web application

Consulting for Groupe La Centrale concerning the migration of a monolithic REST API using PHP to a Serverless solution in order to split it into micro-services and micro-frontend in order to help feature teams to be independent.

Built with Amazon Web Service Lambda, Typescript, Serverless Framework, React.js.


Software Licence monitoring

Private web application for Valeo, continuously monitoring their servers worldwide to check the validity and use of the softwares used by their engineers.

Built with PHP 7, Symfony 4, Jquery, Bootstrap


We are Devedanos, a full-stack development agency with a passion for technology.





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